Annual Conference

DateLocationCommittee ChairConference Theme
September 2018 Sheridan Richard Wright Rendezvous at Sheridan
October 2017 Cody Jenni Phillips One Team,One Goal, Unstoppable!
September 2016 Cheyenne Kari Kivisto Don't Stop Believin'
September 2015 Rock Springs/Green River Sherry Schumacher/Robyn Rasmussen Branching Out
September 2014 Jackson Jill Russell Together Toward Tomorrow, Creating New Traditions
September 2013 Casper Jennifer Haines Trails to a Health State
September 2012 Pinedale JJ Huntley Pebbles to Peaks
September 2011 Evanston Dennis Poppinga Lean & Green — Challenge of Change
September 2010 Laramie Paul Harrison Cultivating Communities
September 2009 Lander Don Reynolds Reach New Heights
September 2008 Rawlins DeShann Schinkel 20/20 Vision: Look to the Past, Look to the Future
May 2008 Cody (Midwest Regional) Rob Schoeber Experience Cody
September 2007 Gillette Dave McCormick Game On
September 2006 Sheridan Dale Boedeker Gateway to the Big Horns
September 2005 Cheyenne Tom Bogan Circle Your Wagons at Ol' Cheyenne
September 2004 Rock Springs / Green River Brenda Roosa / Laurie Barton Recreation Rendezvous
September 2003 Jackson (combined with Tri-State Conference) Steve Foster
September 2002 Cody Rob Schoeber
April 2002 Casper (Midwest Regional) Mike Bemis
September 2001 Evanston Dennis Poppinga
September 2000 Laramie Paul Harrison
September 1999 Lander Don Reynolds
September 1998 Rawlins Kevin Skates
September 1997 Jackson (Tri-State Conference)
March 1997 Gillette Dave McCormick
March 1996 Sheridan Richard Wright Recreation at the Foot of the Big Horns
April 1995 Cheyenne (combined with Midwest Regional) Dave Romero
March 1994 Casper Mike Bemis
March 1993 Rock Springs / Green River
February 1992 Evanston Teri Royer
February 1991 Cody
March 1990 Lander Don Reynolds
February 1989 Rawlins Tracy Novak Western Values
March 1988 Jackson Jack Frappart The Wonder of It All: Recreation in Wyoming
March 1987 Gillette Dave McCormick Investigating the Future of Wyoming Parks & Recreation
March 1986 Sheridan Rick Harbin
March 1985 Cheyenne John Keck
March 1984 Casper Maury Ahlman
March 1983 Rock Springs / Green River Jim Egli
March 1982 Laramie Dr. Larry Allen Management in the '80s
March 1981 Riverton Janet Jahn Life, Be In It
March 1980 Gillette Dan Barks
March 1979 Sheridan Don Winkelman Growth of '70s Launches the '80s
April 1978 Jackson (combined with Midwest Regional) Scott Sessions The Amazing World of Human Service
April 1977 Casper Dick Martin
April 1976 Cheyenne Dave Romero
April 1975 Lander WRPA Board
May 1974 Jackson Jim Davison
May 1973 Cody Joel Schad
March 1972 Lander Jim Davison
April 1971 Casper Ruth Moe
October 1970 Casper (combined with Midwest Regional)
April 1969 Laramie
November 1968 Lander
November 1967 Laramie
November 1966 Casper Kenneth Kurtz
May 1965 Lander Dick Doughty