“I’m looking forward to meeting with all of you during the Annual Conference in Sheridan this year.  We had a great round table at the Spring meeting in Pine Bluffs, and I’m sure we can expand on a number of those topics that came up.  One of the things that I would like to discuss in Sheridan with you is how you manage “Contract” workers, i.e. what type of agreements you enter into with Personal Trainers;  specific onetime event assistance;  employees that may be assisting with an event that is not within the scope of their duties, etc.   I will share with you a recent dilemma we have ran into with the I.R.S. concerning these matters.

I hope your Summer end is going well, and you are gearing up for Fall.  It was a brisk 34 degrees while I was driving into work this morning, brrrrrr.  Football Season here we come, GO POKES!”

-Marilee Jackson

The Certified Park and Recreation Professional (CPRP) certification is the national standard for all parks and recreation professionals who want to be at the forefront of their profession. Attaining the CPRP designation shows that you have met education and experience qualifications, and illustrates your commitment to the profession as well as your knowledge and understanding of key concepts within parks and recreation.

The Certified Park and Recreation Executive (CPRE) establishes a national standard for managerial, administrative and executive parks and recreation professionals. This mastery-level credential focuses on the practical knowledge and current real-world skills necessary in today’s changing park and recreation environment.