Careers Opportunities and Job Openings

  • Career Opportunities

    WRPA agencies can have their full-time career opportunity posted on this site for free.  Job Postings are $50 for non-WRPA Agencies. Send your full time career opportunity to WRPA Webmaster.  Please include date for job posting to be removed. 

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  • Sheridan Executive Director-Recreation District


    The Executive Director shall manage the Sheridan Recreation District and all of its activities and personnel.  The Executive Director acts, performs, and has such authority as is provided under Recreation District policy and in the Job Description of the Executive Director, and as from time to time may be directed by the Board of Directors. Whenever a decision or action provided for herein is at the sole discretion of the Board or Executive Director, the decision or action of the Board will control.

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  • Part-Time Job Openings

    WRPA will now post part time jobs on our site.  Job Postings are free for WRPA Agencies.  Job Postings are $50 for non-WRPA Agencies.Send your part-time job openings to WRPA Webmaster.  Please include date for job posting to be removed.

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