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2018 WRPA Conference Photo Album

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2019 Conference Update

WRPA Members,The WRPA Annual conference is less than 3 months away!  Following are several items of information that we need to share with you. First, registration for the conference is now open.  Campbell County Parks and Recreation will soon be sending out emails with the registration forms, but you can get a head start by…
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Ulvestad named SRD ED

SHERIDAN — The Sheridan Recreation District held its monthly board meeting Wednesday at The Hub on Smith. Seth Ulvestad, who had worked as the interim executive director since June, received a promotion to full-time executive director. “I’m really excited to move forward with the director position,” Ulvestad said. “A lot of it I had been…
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WRPA Incentive Program

WRPA Incentive Plan Program The Mission of the WRPA Incentive Program (WIP) is to increase membership participation in all aspects of the WRPA by providing an incentive plan that will reward members for their professional efforts and recognize members for years of service, involvement and contributions to the WRPA.  The plan will encourage current WRPA…
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WRPA Shirt Orders

We are now taking orders for WRPA polo shirts.  These are 100% polyester, with the WRPA logo embroidered on the shirt.  They will be available in men's and women's styles, with the following color options: Ocean Blue (Light Blue), Grey Smoke, Hyper Blue (Royal), or Black.     (more…)
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