Meeteetse Executive Director

Please send resume to:
Meeteetse Recreation District
PO Box 446
Meeteetse, WY 82433
Or contact John Fernandez at 307-868-2603 or 307-272-1553

Our Mission Statement:

The Meeteetse Recreation District exists to provide opportunities which enrich our community through the preservation of safe and challenging environments. We strive to ensure affordable recreational programs to promote physical and emotional well-being.


The Executive Director shall manage the Meeteetse Recreation District and all of its activities and personnel. The Executive Director acts, performs, and has such authority as is provided under Meeteetse Recreation District policy and in the Job Description of the Executive Director, and as from time to time be directed by the Meeteetse Recreation District Board of Directors. Whenever a decision or action provided for herein is at the Board or Executive Director, the decision or action of the Board will control.


  1. A combination of education, experience, and training in management positions that will provide the required knowledge, skills, and abilities, particularly related to recreation districts.
  2. Excellent leadership, communication, and human relationship skills.
  3. Excellent work ethic, integrity, and ability to maintain confidentiality.
  4. Detail oriented.
  5. Ability to work cohesively with multiple user groups and entities, including, but not limited to, Meeteetse School District #16 and the Town of Meeteetse.
  6. Must have current driver’s license, good driving record, and the ability to pass a background check as well as drug and alcohol screenings. Also applicant must possess good credit.


Meeteetse Recreation District Board of Directors


  1. Create an environment with a clear vision for the future of the Meeteetse Recreation District.
  2. Coordinate marketing and promotional efforts that positively support the recreation district’s needs.
  3. Manage and perform state mandated reporting online.
  4. Ability to file and have organized record keeping for accounting and transportation.
  5. Manages the Meeteetse Recreation District and all of its activities and personnel. Perform all other duties as assigned by the Meeteetse Recreation District Board of Directors such as:
  • Hire support staff for office, summer programs, lifeguards, etc.
  • Organize billing and prepare monthly payroll for the bookkeeper
  • Familiarize self with annual Recreation District budget
  • Keep accurate vehicle maintenance records of all vehicles and machines
  • Express your interest in serving on local boards such as Meeteetse Youth Work Program, Meeteetse Joint Powers Board, & Park County Recreation Board
  • Keep up on maintenance of Recreation Office, After School Program, and Transit Facility buildings
  • Ensure all building and vehicle insurance policies are current
  • Maintain Rec District hoop house as well as basketball and tennis courts at the city park
  • Groom and maintain cross country ski trails at the Wood River Valley Ski Park as well as the South Fork Cabin and warming hut
  • Complete monthly Black Cat program reports for WYDOT
  • Achieve certification with WYDOT for public transit
  • Acquire certification as Certified Pool/Spa Operator and learn the daily operating procedures for pool maintenance
  • Conduct yearly employee evaluations
  • Update inventory of Meeteetse Recreation District assets annually
  • Be willing, eager, and able to organize and work with kids in various yearly youth programs such as the After School Program, Youth Rec Football & Basketball Leagues, Easter Egg Hunt, Summer Program, swimming lessons, etc.
  • Communicate with the seniors and other adults of the community
  • Have understanding and knowledge of various recreational equipment such as fitness machines, paddle boards, kayaks, cross country skis
  • Manage the various aspects of the Kenco security system
  • Cut, split and stack firewood for the cabin

Salary Range:

$41, 236.56 - $50,516.64

Terms of Employment:

Twelve month contract with vacations as per Meeteetse Recreation District Policy; salary and benefits such as state pension and 457B compensation plan to be set by the Meeteetse Recreation District Board of Directors.


Performance of this job will be in accordance with provisions of the Meeteetse Recreation District Board of Director’s Policy on Evaluations.

Resume Deadline: Friday February 1, 2019 (Please include 3 letters of reference)                               

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