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2019 Hall of Fame Recipients

The Wyoming Recreation & Parks Association is proud to announce that Dale Bodeker and Donnie Bjhorus have been selected for the WRPA Hall of Fame. Donnie and Dale received their awards at this year's annual banquet in Gillette on Wednesday, October 2. (more…)
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2019 WRPA Awards

The following individuals were recognized at the WRPA Awards Banquet on Wednesday, October 2, 2019, at the Annual Conference in Gillette. (more…)
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Golf simulator to open at Rock Springs Civic Center

Local residents can practice their golf swing throughout the year with the new golf simulator that is being installed at the Rock Springs Civic Center. The golf simulator is a high-tech machine that can analyze a golfer’s swing by hitting a ball, just like at a real driving range. The screen is connected to a…
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Midwest Conference Call for Presenters

The next Midwest Conference will be April 26-28, 2020 in Beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado. The conference will take place at the Fort Collins Hilton. The City of Fort Collins Parks and Recreation Department is currently taking submissions for presenters.  The deadline for presentation submissions is December 12, 2019. If you are interested in presenting please…
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WRPA Conference Photo Album 2018

  • IMG_0269
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  • IMG_0311
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  • IMG_0313
  • IMG_0314
  • IMG_0315
  • IMG_0321
  • IMG_0323
  • IMG_0326
  • IMG_0337
  • IMG_0345
  • IMG_0346
  • IMG_0350
  • IMG_0355
  • IMG_0356
  • IMG_0357
  • IMG_0358
  • IMG_0360
  • IMG_0368
  • IMG_0373
  • IMG_0374
  • IMG_0381
  • IMG_0384
  • IMG_0387
  • IMG_0390
  • IMG_0398
  • IMG_0400
  • IMG_0408
  • IMG_0411
  • IMG_0427
  • IMG_0428
  • IMG_0429
  • IMG_0433
  • IMG_0435
  • IMG_0436
  • IMG_0438
  • IMG_0452
  • IMG_0455
  • IMG_0471
  • IMG_0473
  • IMG_0480
  • IMG_0489
  • IMG_0492
  • IMG_0497
  • IMG_0499
  • IMG_0500
  • IMG_0505
  • IMG_0507
  • IMG_0508
  • IMG_0512
  • IMG_0514
  • IMG_0515
  • IMG_0523
  • IMG_0530
  • IMG_0538
  • IMG_0539
  • IMG_0541
  • IMG_0545
  • IMG_0551

WRPA Incentive Program

WRPA Incentive Plan Program The Mission of the WRPA Incentive Program (WIP) is to increase membership participation in all aspects of the WRPA by providing an incentive plan that will reward members for their professional efforts and recognize members for years of service, involvement and contributions to the WRPA.  The plan will encourage current WRPA…
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