WRPA Video

We need your help!
We would like to put together a Statewide video compilation, with representation from as many organizations as possible. The goal of this video will be to explain the benefits of membership to the WRPA; we can use this for marketing for our profession and for our Association. Something similar to this video to watch: youtube.com/watch?v=r0m1yBIv80g&t=86s.

We want to put together a video that you can use to feel proud of what we all do for our communities and to help remind our organizations why they should invest in Parks and Recreation and in their employees. We also wanted this to remind up why we do what we do. You are our voice and having your support helps to drive our State Association. The NRPA video above is great and helps to invigorate me, but one from our state would mean even more. We want you to see the benefit of investing in our State Association and how it can help with your day-to-day operations and to be more successful in anything you do as a result.
If you could put together a 20-second video by December 1st, 2021, and send it to me at this email or my work email (kblood@cityofgreenriver.org) we would appreciate your participation so much!
Try to answer one of the following questions: What is your Parks and Recreation Story? Why Parks and Recreation? What are the effects of Parks and Recreation on Your community? It could be one person talking in an office, someone standing in front of a program talking, recording a program and having a narrator talking, recording a landscape you are proud of with a narrator, etc.  These could be from the perspective of yourself, your community, kids in your programs, parents, local leaders, etc.
A few pointers: If you record on a phone or a camera; make it a horizontal video. Hold the video as steady as possible. If you are moving, hold the camera in one position and move your entire body instead. Walk heel to toe and breath slowly and evenly.

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